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2 years ago

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I have not written for awhile, but I thought that after tonight's "date", was a popular free dating site seaching for the lady of my dreams, and I get a message from a woman in Liverpool "hello How are you, my name is Sue. so he sent a message back and forth for 20 minutes in which I asked what part of town where they live, only your address and responded with an invitation to come around one of am, I said, we're talking on the phone so I called her and she told me the room opened. I said, I would have coffee and an introductory talk. n so I took direction then called to make sure that was the right direction, not the wind. Sue opened the door that is about 5'6 " medium build beautiful face blond hair wearing pants pajamas and a fulltubemovies shirt and had invited me shook my hand, kissed her cheek, she took me to the living room and sat on his leather setee then went to make coffee for me, if gshe drink wine withI stopped and put his arms around my waist, pushing her breasts into my chest and kissed me with a kiss I kissed her lips pull fulltubemovies back mean in Overdrive was forcing his tongue Franco in my mouth and dirty to me a kiss. then we sat together in his foot hung setee the stick is rubbed his penis through my pants kissed and massaged his shoulders back. his shirt slid her breasts partially exposed so moved, he said, what did you do that, because I said I am a gentleman, and it was not to see his fulltubemovies body, if I, I wanted violation of his would say that what you mean, the jump in the bones, said she threw herself fulltubemovies into my lap and pulled his shirt, pushing her breasts into his face saying, that dirty bastard Randy, I love my pussy filled with big cock fat, but first I'm going to suck. I opened my belt and took my pants and shirt, she began to suck the tip of my penis, but not very good I enjoyed it more. I sucked as she pushed my Hand between fleshy thighs caressed her pussy hair, put on his pajamas and opened her thighs as I opened my mouth to suck hand made ​​and sloppy minge licked his finger and then two, then my whole hand to I followed her and she had been fisting could be on the setee all smells a little fulltubemovies rich sporaying morning he. Sue said, I want your cock in my fulltubemovies pussy grabbed fulltubemovies my jacket and took a pack of three Sue said she does not need it I'm clean, I put a brief stioll before... continued
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